A 45 minute, individualized, private relationship & couple therapy session.  Our team will help you through the process according to your desired needs.



This will involve a 45-minutes individualized private therapy session.  Our team will help you through the process according to your desired needs. Below are some of the outlined benefits and lessons you will learn in detail from this counselling session.

  • Respecting yourself in the relationship and also your partner
  • Communicating constructively with your partner
  • How to make your relationship more exciting
  • Dealing with stress in a relationship
  • Understanding your partner, on a deeper level to reduce misunderstandings
  • How to raise Financial discussions in a relationship
  • Importance of becoming financially independent while in a relationship
  • You will learn the process of forgiveness and letting go
    -It will also involve teaching you and helping you Heal your internal wounds from a failed relationship or wounds that you could be experiencing in your current relationship
    -We will help you understand the process of self-love while in a relationship and also after a breakup
    -Working towards attaining your relationship goals
  • Preparing for the dating world
    -Gaining your confidence in a relationship in various ways
    -Getting your ex back tips and ideas, and advising if it worth
  • The process of creating your own happiness in a relationship and after breakup
  • Bettering your relationship.
  • Knowing when to walk away from a toxic relationship and ideas on how to do this


And many other related lessons according to your situation. You can BOOK A COUNSELLING SESSION WITH US NOW, and we will be there for you.


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