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Self-Confidence is knowing who you are and believing in yourself. This is a personal journey that we all have to take. There is the outer confidence which comes with material things e.g. fancy cars, nice houses, money, status etc.

The inner confidence on the other hand, is what you have inside of you…it’s there no matter what happens externally, you stay strong and confident.

Lack of confidence may be caused by a lot of different factors for instance fear, criticism, being unhappy with personal appearance, lack of knowledge, previous failures etc.

Following are a few tips on how you can slowly gain self-confidence.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because we all do…therefore don’t think of them as negative but rather as a learning opportunity.
  1. Accept compliments and compliment yourself. When you receive a compliment from somebody else, thank them.
  2. Do not compare yourself to other people. Just like snowflakes, stars in the sky & finger prints, you are one of a kind…You may have a look alike but there will never be another you. You are special just the way you are.
  1. Focus on appreciating and congratulating yourself about all the good qualities that you possess for example your kindness, humility, honesty, integrity, values or anything else that you like about yourself.
  1. Make a list of all your past successes and be proud of yourself. It doesn’t matter however small it may be…this will help to boost your confidence.
  1. Associate yourself with supportive people that accept you for who you are unconditionally. Avoid people who will make you feel worse about yourself.
  1. Discover your talents. We all have a talent, it doesn’t matter however small it is…this can be just about anything for instance it could be drawing, singing, sports, good at academics, cooking, dancing, acting etc., this will make you feel more confident.

Note: Gaining self-confidence may not happen overnight, however, train your mind and you will feel your confidence growing stronger each passing day.

Just as physical exercise does your body good, mental exercise will strengthen your mind too.

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