Dealing with jealousy

Jealousness is a common element in a lot of relationships. This can cause strain and discomfort for one or both parties.

Being jealous is not something physical and cannot just be fixed easily by a mere push of a button, it involves emotions which makes it a little bit more complicated to deal with sometimes.

Here are some of the ways on how to reduce jealousy in a relationship.

  1. Find The Cause Of Your Jealousness

Finding the reasons why you are feeling jealous will help you deal with it more easily, especially if you consider your partner as someone you want to be with forever. Let’s take an example; If you are jealous of your partner’s ex, then try to analyse why you feel threatened by them.

Is it the idea that your partner was once intimate with that person?  Or do you keep thinking that your partner might go back to them? Share with your partner how you feel and find a solution.

There is nothing that talking cannot solve.

  1. Work on your insecurities

Feeling insecure in a relationship can be as a result of many things e.g. past bad relationships, social class difference with your partner or sadly, some people are naturally paranoid in their relationships.

Being insecure will definitely put a strain between you and your partner. Those insecurities might take time but that task is not impossible.  The first step is to speak openly about the thing or the things that you feel insecure about.

This will help you to slowly reduce on your insecurities and also the jealousy levels will lower once you feel confident in the relationship.

  1. Improve On The Way You Communicate As A Couple

Most problems in a relationship are caused by a lack of communication.  Improving the way you communicate will help to build more trust.

The way you pass on information and what you talk about as a couple is very important. If discussing issues face to face brings no result, then try texting because it allows you to fully express what’s on your mind without the fear of interruption from your partner.

Improved communication will not only reduce jealousy, but will also strengthen the bond that you share in a relationship.

  1. Get To Really Know Who Your Partner Is

Many people get jealous because they have too many unanswered questions in their relationship.

People are sometimes afraid of asking important Questions just because they are okay with the way things are at that moment.

This can be just a fear of the unknown. It makes no sense to be in a committed relationship if you don’t know who really your partner is. Knowing more than the average details about his or her life in general can help a lot to reduce fears and feelings of jealousy.

For example, people have gotten jealous over their partner’s sister or brother. Why? Because they didn’t know them.

  1. Understand Your Partner

Understand your partner well enough that you don’t need to be jealous of him or her about some things anymore or about anyone else.

Love is Magical :-), but Love alone is not enough to keep a relationship going. Most of the healthy long-term relationships are mainly built on trust.

Trust in a relationship is a sign of love.

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