Be patient In Life; Everything Has Its Own Timing

Learn to be patient, don’t rush and crush 😉  As the saying goes, patience pays but pains!

Basically patience means waiting on something that you want to happen. However, it’s not only about waiting but also about the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. This can be a little challenging to a lot of us, Right ;-).

It could be that you need a certain thing right now so badly to the extent that you can’t take it anymore. This can bring a feeling of losing hope and also thinking that it will never happen!

For instance maybe you need a job so urgently, money, a child, a partner, good health and so many other human related needs. It’s very normal to feel impatient at times, we all do!

Here are a few 2 tips that you can try to do in such times.

In such moments, just lean back a bit and remember that everything has its own timing and on top of that, we can never have everything we need in life all at once, it’s very rare, if not impossible!

Also in such moments, start thinking about all the other little nice things that bring a smile to your face every day. We all do have those nice little things that make us happy on a daily basis only that we tend to ignore them at times just because we want something new or even something different at that particular time.

Therefore learn to appreciate those little nice things in your life because there is someone out there who prays and wishes they could have them.

This will not only help you realise that everything has its own timing, but will also make you realise how lucky you are in life than you ever imagined.

There is no need to lose hope or even be sad with your life just because of a situation you may be facing right now. Remember that in this world nothing lasts forever, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

Note: Just because something is not happening right now, doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Be patient, don’t lose hope and enjoy your life.

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By Sharon KN

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