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Lovesmagical.com was officially founded by Sharon KN in January 2016.

Our mission is to fulfill your dream of finding true love at your convenient time without any disturbances, especially with such a busy world that we live in today.

We offer a wide range of dating tips and advices which include; things to consider when looking for a partner, signs a relationship is slowly coming to an end, stages of a break-up and so many other related topics. Lovesmagical.com also provides unique inspirational topics that could be of an impact to someone’s life out there.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously at lovesmagical.com dating, this means that we will never pass your details to any third parties. On top of that, your personal information will never be exposed to the public or to any of the other registered members without your explicit consent.


What Makes Us Different 

Lovesmagical.com dating is one of a kind. What makes us different from the other online dating websites is the fact that we believe in quality and not quantity. If you are serious about finding lasting love, then lovesmagical.com dating is the right place for you.

Our team is devoted to providing free online relationship coaching and personal empowerment lessons to our registered members. Besides that, lovesmagical customer care team is very committed and determined to support all our clients attain their intended goals for joining the website.

We also publish on a weekly basis exclusive interesting topics about relationships, personal development and other life inspirational topics ranging from how to be happy with your life right now to signs that you are falling in love.

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Our Philosophy

Love is magical; We all need love at some point in our lives. No matter how many times we get hurt,  we still fall in love. Love is a beautiful feeling; Nothing will ever change that. Believe in love and it will come your way.


Our Foundations

Sharon KN


Sharon KN is the founder and editor in chief of lovesmagical.com dating.
She is passionate about sharing life realities with the rest of the world. Having a passion for what you do is a great way to live a happy life.

This clearly explains why lovesmagical.com mainly focuses on sharing unique relationship advices and life motivating topics
Her hobbies are writing, listening to music, travelling and socializing with people of all kinds.


Africa and Africans

Where a Large Number Of Our Clients Come From?

A lot of our clients come from Africa. Lovesmagical.com dating team has always had a dream focused on creating a solid online platform that unites people from Africa regardless of where they are currently based. This is a great opportunity to meeting and interacting online with new people from all over the continent. It’s incredibly amazing and could be a door opener to meeting a potential partner from your country, home town or even just from another country. We believe that finding love should be simple, that’s why at lovesmagical.com dating we guide you through the whole search process.

Besides Africa, lovesmagical.com dating consists of people from all over the world for instance Australia, Asia, Europe,South America and USA. Join us today and meet your soulmate.



Why We Are Doing This?

Lovesmagical.com dating is mainly passion driven. Our team is very  passionate about serving people from different origins and  backgrounds irrespective of their race, age and religion. We also love catering for people; this is done through publishing on a weekly basis exclusive relationship advices, dating tips, personal empowerment news letters and a wide range of life inspirational topics that could be helpful to someone’s life out there.







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