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Lovesmagical.com was officially founded by Sharon KN in January 2016. This has always been her dream, she worked hard and tirelessly to make it a reality. You too can make your dream a reality if you truly work hard towards that goal. Making your dream a reality doesn’t always come that easy, there will be challenging moments involved through the way ; And not everyone will believe in your dream. However, in those challenging times; be brave; don’t loose hope; keep going; take those challenges as lessons;  the end is truly fulfilling.

Previously, Sharon KN worked in different sectors, namely Management Consultancy and Finance. However, A PASSION or A DREAM is not something you can easily run away from, because it always follows you in your heart. Therefore; Sharon KN’s passion to serve & help people; her love to share with the world RELATIONSHIP TOPICS and other LIFE MOTIVATIONAL TOPICS influenced her to take it ( her passion ) to another level by enrolling in an education in the UK to acquire professional knowledge in PSYCHOLOGY, majored in COUPLE AND FAMILY THERAPY.

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What Makes Us Different

Loves Magical counselling is one of a kind. Why? Because we do a follow up with our clients a few days after the counselling sessions to better understand, how they are fairing on and to give them words of encouragement since our work is purely based on passion to help people from different walks of life.

Our team takes pride in to providing the best individualized couple and relationship therapy sessions. On top of that, we also offer custom-made self-development sessions according to one’s needs and wants, mainly with the intention of making our clients feel comfortable and free to share their issues.

We also publish on a weekly basis interesting topics about relationships, personal development and other life inspirational topics ranging from; Strategies on how to make important changes in your life, Dealing with a break-up and other related topics.

Our Team

team on an evening outOur team is here for you to cover all aspects involved in improving your romantic relationship and resolve potential interpersonal conflicts, on-line and where possible, in person. We are here to listen, respect, understand and in the end facilitate your relationship.


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Our Philosophy

Love is magical; We all need love at some point in our lives. No matter how many times we get hurt, we still fall in love again. Love is a beautiful feeling; Nothing will ever change that. Believe in love and it will come your way.

Our Foundations

Sharon KN


Sharon KN is the founder and editor in chief of lovesmagical.com.
She is passionate about sharing life realities with the rest of the world. Having a passion for what you do is a great way to live a happy life.

This clearly explains why lovesmagical.com mainly focuses on sharing unique relationship advices and life motivating topics.
Her hobbies are writing, listening to music, travelling, doing charity work and socializing with people of all kinds.


Personal Development and Couple Therapy

Our team has dealt with a lot of clients from all over the world for the past 4 and half years mainly Africa, Europe, USA and other related parts of the world.

At Loves Magical, we will make you feel loved and welcomed no matter the situation you could be experiencing. Do not suffer alone – we are here for you. From the bottom of our hearts, we care for you and are glad to help.


Why We Are Doing This?

As mentioned above, Loves Magical is mainly passion-driven. Therefore our team is very passionate about serving people from different origins and backgrounds irrespective of their race, age, religion and culture. We believe that matters related to the heart (Love) are universal and we all feel them the same way irrespective of who we are and where we come from. This passion to serve and cater for people is evidenced by the different exclusive videos that we publish and share on our social media platforms on a regular basis about relationships and personal development – such that everyone interested can to be able to partake on some of our services freely.


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